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Swift & Staley

It all begins with the heart and soul of Swift & Staley – the dedicated individuals who make up this extraordinary team. Their commitment, hard work, and community-driven ethos define the essence of this brand. Swift & Staley, with 45 years of unmatched infrastructure support services in Paducah, KY, is more than just a contractor; they’re a pillar of the community.

The Challenge

Swift and Staley have been our loyal clients since 2011. Embarking on a new journey of establishing their business in Ohio, they sought our expertise to capture their essence in a brand that speaks volumes. Already beloved within their current service area, they needed a tangible representation of their values to seamlessly integrate into a new community. They aimed to forge connections with potential employees, subcontractors, and inquisitive community members, all while showcasing their extensive capabilities.
Swift & Staley letterhead

The Solution

In response, we delved into the core values of Swift & Staley, crafting a brand identity that mirrors the people it represents – approachable, hardworking, and genuine. This brand essence guided the transformation of their digital presence with a revamped website aligning them with industry giants while preserving the unique qualities that set them apart.

Our collaboration extended to a captivating video series on the website. Here, community leaders shared their firsthand experiences with Swift & Staley, narrating their tireless efforts invested in being outstanding neighbors. Internally, we developed an onboarding video, ensuring new hires understood the company’s values and the expectation of delivering top-notch work.
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The Result

The outcome? A resounding success. Swift & Staley emerged with a revitalized brand identity, a polished website, and internal resources that conveyed their exceptional qualities. Armed with these communication tools, they could effortlessly introduce themselves to any audience – be it a government agency considering a contract or a new resident interested in joining their team. With clarity and purpose, Swift & Staley stood ready to continue their legacy of excellence in any community they embraced.
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