You can't replace a handshake. You can beat it!

2021 Marketing Game Plan

You cant replace a handshake

2021 Marketing Game Plan

You’ve been given an even BETTER opportunity. Let’s work together to find a new, creative way to reach your clients/customers.

In-person sales meetings, trade shows and other networking opportunities have come to a grinding halt. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t connect with potential customers and show up strong.  

COVID-19 has resulted in many B2B businesses being unable to attend or host trade shows. You’re unable to meet with many of your current or potential clients in person. A handshake is no longer possible. So, now what?

2021 holds great potential to connect digitally:

  • No one is bound by travel time or costs. 
  • Digitally, you are always available, both in message and in person. 
  • A quick phone conversation or Zoom call can happen anywhere and anytime, even from the comfort of your own home (if that’s where you happen to be working).
video conferencing

You have the opportunity to fine-tune your digital presence to give the perfect first impression every time by communicating just the right message to the right people.


Glad you asked!

Consider this: in a rough estimate, let’s compare the difference roughly $500 can make. In this example, we used the search term “air conditioner maintenance” for comparison. So, for example, if you have an air conditioner maintenance service, here’s the breakdown of how that money would be spent at a trade show vs. spending it on a simple digital search campaign based on just one keyword phrase:

Comparing the Impact in Dollars & People Reached


Trade Show

An opportunity to meet a few hundred contacts if you don’t spring for giveaways like branded materials.


$350 for a two-night hotel stay

$150 for dining expenses


300 People Reached

What this doesn’t include?

  • Transportation
  • Branded Items to Giveaway (Brochures, Pens, Etc.)
  • Potential Prize in Exchange for Contact Info
  • Reserving Your Spot at the Trade Show
  • Trade Show Booth
search ads

One Digital Marketing Keyword Search Ad

Brand exposure for potential customers seeking services you offer.


5,800 Impressions
220 Clicks
39 Conversions


5,800 Impressions Made


That’s it. That’s the impact a simple digital advertisement could make for your business!

Your audience is already connecting with other businesses digitally. Are they connecting with YOU?


Don’t think of sales calls, trade shows and other in-person lead generation events being postponed as a missed opportunity. Think of it as an even BETTER opportunity to reassess your plans and find a new, creative way to reach your customer base in a cost-effective manner. 

In the example, we cited just ONE keyword phrase that a potential customer might search. If that one phrase alone could potentially generate 39 conversions, think of the impact a digital marketing strategy could potentially have!

Our Game Plan for Connecting to Customers in 2021:

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    Create a strong digital brand

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    Build a digital marketing and advertising strategy

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    Align sales and marketing goals for maximum impact

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    Build sales assets that match marketing messages

    (personalized video, branded swag, email templates, etc.)

Reach Customers. Grow Your Business.
Look Good Doing It.

Reach Customers. Grow Your Business.
Look Good Doing It.

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